Dating back to 1993, when he worked for Barefoot Grass Lawn Service Tom Kelly has been involved with some of the most successful companies in the Green Industry.

BeeSafe Organic Lawn Care

Founder, Managing Partner (2011 – Present)

In just a very short period of time, BeeSafe has become one of the best known lawn care brands in the United States.  BeeSafe is a dealer network of like minded lawn and landscape firms that offer their customers an alternative lawn care program.  Members of the BeeSafe network utilize a proprietary product line to deliver outstanding results while minimizing and eliminating chemical inputs.  However, the product line is just the tip of the ice berg because business development is really the key element of the BeeSafe network.  From weekly conference calls to strategic planning to marketing and operational support, BeeSafe helps it’s members in all facets of their success.



Developer, Principal  (2012 – Present)

From the time BeeSafe was launched in early 2011 it was acutely obvious that in order to develop some differentiation in the national lawn care service sector a very modern approach would need to be taken.  The goal was to create a estimating/quoting system that allowed for a streamlined experience on both the contractor and the consumer side.   MyLawnQuote was initially developed specifically for the BeeSafe Network but when cost overruns due to the complexity of the project became a hurdle,  ownership of MLQ was taken by the firm hired to implement the code and design of the program.  Over the next three years the platform was consistently upgraded and subsequently purchased by the Kelly family who now are principals of the company.  Debra Kelly is the Chief Operating Officer.


Principal (2009 – Present)

Lawnmark Plus is Southern New Hampshire’s leading lawn care service company.  With ease of use, quality product choice, timeliness and outstanding customer service as it’s core principals, Lawnmark Plus is considered by many to be the blueprint for today’s modern lawn care service.  Offering both a fully organic program (The BeeSafe Program) and a traditional program (borrowing heavily from the BeeSafe Program) Lawnmark is able to meet the needs of every consumer looking for a professional lawn care company.  Located in Merrimack NH, Lawnmark projects to take a significant market share of the Southern New Hampshire market from it’s competitors in the coming years.


Founder, Managing Partner (2009 – Present)

Firebelly Organics is pioneering the way “do it yourselfers” treat their lawns with a chemical free approach.  A direct to consumer and retail product which is designed to take the guesswork out of organic lawn care offers end users simplicity.  While the Firebelly line consists of multiple SKU’s it’s “Organic Lawn in a Box” product is by far the most popular and successful due to it’s step process from start to finish.  Since it’s inception in 2009 Firebelly has earned a very loyal following of homeowners who depend on the product line to create thick, healthy turf without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Director (2013 – Present)

OLCI CRESTInitially, “OLCI” was simply the training division of the BeeSafe Dealer Network.  However, with the success and continued positive feedback that was garnered by all attendees of the program it became clear that it should stand on it’s own.  “The Organic Lawn Care Institute” is a state certified, post secondary, vocational institution of higher learning in the State of New Hampshire.  All new members of the BeeSafe Network attend a session of the “Organic Lawn Care Institute” before they launch their organic division and are welcomed to return at anytime for additional sessions.  “OLCI” is also the only school in the country to be certified by the Veterans Administration as learning institution for recent military veterans.



Founder, Chief Operating Officer (1996 – 2009)

logo_3Launched in 1996 after the buyout of Barefoot Grass Lawn Service by TrugreenChemlawn, LawnDawg started from very humble beginnings and grew into the Northeasts largest chemical lawn care provider.  In 2009 Campanella and Kelly Inc DBA LawnDawg was sold to Brighton Partners Private Equity and continues to operate as LawnDawg Inc.


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