For companies who are looking to manage and grow their businesses with professionalism and vigor the renewal process is an absolute requirement.  It is this process that generates significant end of season cash flow that is utilized not only for operational expenses regarding overhead but even more importantly become earmarked to the marketing budget for the following year.

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the bigger companies manage to grow by fifty to even seventy fiver percent per year some times it’s because they implement significant and organized sales and marketing campaigns during the first and second quarters of the year.  These campaigns have to be funded from some source of capital and the truth is that they borrow from the renewal campaign that was executed four months prior.

Over the years I’ve determined that the renewal process must be implemented through more than just a single event.  The session in the video below covers the entire process from start to finish on how to implement a renewal process that generates a significant amount of cash flow and is incredibly simple to execute.  The three phase renewal system is something that all lawn and landscape companies should implement immediately.


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