Here at TKC we feel that the ability to know, understand and analyze the “numbers” associated with your business is by far the most important part of actually succeeding at your business.  Around here we call it, “Analyze and Simplify, Plan, Implement, Adjust” and it’s our Four Phases of Green Industry Business Development.

With the second installment of our Fourth Quarter Workshop we begin the process of this system by taking a hard look at your previous years metrics.  In order to properly develop the planning process you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST HAVE A FIRM UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR METRICS.  This session revolves around those metrics and by the conclusion of the session you will know exactly what to look for in terms of prioritizing what your business is good at and what needs an overhaul.

We identify the key indicators inside of three different aspects of your lawn and landscape business; operations, marketing and finance.

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