It was always a struggle for us to determine whether or not we wanted to go with quality or price when it came to winterizing product.  Use a real quality product and you can ensure that your lawns will come out of dormancy next year with vigor.  Use a cheap product in the late fall and you can ensure that your bottom line will be padded nicely during the only time of year that you really rake it in!

At Lawn Dawg we always had to consider the fact that we would lose 15% to 20% of our customers over the winter so that investment in the spring wasn’t always a prudent one.

I wrote an essay that’s posted over on “The Lawntrepreneurs” site if you have any interest in reading all the pros and cons about it.  The fact of the matter is that you have to take an environmental stance alongside with your quality and price stances too!

Click here to read it.


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