It’s not much of a secret that the reason you are here and/or attending our workshop is the fact that you aren’t completely happy with the status of your business.  Whether you feel like you could be increasing sales or you could be increasing sleep there has to be a few things that aren’t going exactly as you would like them to be going.  That’s what the “Danger Zone” is all about.

If your goal is to get your ass out of the danger zone it’s absolutely imperative that you have a plan to operate with more efficiency in all aspects of the business.  From sales and marketing to operations and finance the best way to find out  if you are improving is to understand where you are going and where you are in relationship to that goal.  The first part of getting there is to actually HAVE A GOAL.

This session of the “Danger Zone” workshop focuses on how to do just that; develop goals.  Using the analysis that we did during last weeks session we translate the numbers to the next logical step; building a projection of what your perfect year looks like.

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