Danger Zone Workshop # Four. How to Build a Professional Marketing Plan.

Your marketing plan is a blueprint for every lead you generate but the sales process is the actual implementation of that blueprint.  Today’s successful lawn service is making sales at the point of contact which provides for a very healthy closing rate and expedited growth. We will discuss your online presence and reputation, list building, […]

Lawn and Landscape “Danger Zone” Workshop: Session 3, Projecting Next Year

It’s not much of a secret that the reason you are here and/or attending our workshop is the fact that you aren’t completely happy with the status of your business.  Whether you feel like you could be increasing sales or you could be increasing sleep there has to be a few things that aren’t going […]

“Green Industry Danger Zone” Lawn and Landscape Company Business Workshop Session 2

Here at TKC we feel that the ability to know, understand and analyze the “numbers” associated with your business is by far the most important part of actually succeeding at your business.  Around here we call it, “Analyze and Simplify, Plan, Implement, Adjust” and it’s our Four Phases of Green Industry Business Development. With the […]

Fourth Quarter Workshop “Session Number 1.”

For companies who are looking to manage and grow their businesses with professionalism and vigor the renewal process is an absolute requirement.  It is this process that generates significant end of season cash flow that is utilized not only for operational expenses regarding overhead but even more importantly become earmarked to the marketing budget for […]

Fourth Quarter Workshop 8:00 PM Replay

Due to popular demand (and some major snow issues throughout the country) we have added a replay of our “Fourth Quarter Workshop” to be held at 8:00 PM. You can register for it by clicking here. This replay is only open to those who have previously registered for it and either could not attend it […]


Fourth Quarter Workshop has been Announced

We are excited to announce our fourth quarter workshop.  Details are available at www.thelawntrepreneurs.com